Understanding your requirements and finding the perfect solution to fit

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Every Successful Disaster recovery plan requires the right technology to support the backup of the business IT systems.  When deciding what you want to put in place there are several considerations:


What is the current the environment  and what is the priority to restore individual elements

How old can a restoration point be and how quickly do you want it recovered 

What sort of granularity do you live with on recovery.

How quickly do you want the data offsite

What's the budget.

How does this work in conjunction with my High Availability Strategy.


With backup technologies there's a whole range of solutions out there - simply finding the technology with the best fit and the right features for your business can take weeks of man effort in detailing requirements, shortlisting, getting quotes, deciding on the product and then installing and managing the chosen solution

The market itself don't make the decision easy - currently everyone with a datacentre is offering a cloud backup solution with a variation on features and costs - the reason being it's relatively easy to manage and make money out of.

Our understanding of the backup market means we can advise you on the right technology fit for your business, at the right price and install, configure and manage as required.

To help you make the right decision we've shown here some of the commonly used methods for backing up, the advantages and disadvantages and a breakdown of your expected costs.

Often these solutions can work in layers to give multiple options for restoring systems dependant on need.

The advent of more cloud applications does mean that the face of on-premise backup is changing and in some environments limited once again to mainly file data with cloud app providers including backup options within their product sets.  However many cloud providers are only delivering high-availability and the ability to roll back to historical data still needs a secondary product to fulfil this task. 

Backup Solutions

  • Built-in Solution +

    Technology: Operating System \ Application Built in backup solution Environment: Small, reliant on mainly file based information, few business systems used.
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  • Tape Backups +

    Technology: Tape Backup with Symantec backup Exec Environment: Any size Examples: Using Symantec Backup Exec installed on a management server
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  • Backup to NAS +

    Technology: Backup to NAS Storage Environment: Small or SME to Enterprise Examples: Using Dell DR Series or Synology Diskstation Install
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  • Backup to Appliance +

    Technology: Backup to Appliance Environment: SME Examples: Barracuda 490, CommVault Install Cost: £6500 for an all-in-one Barracuda appliance, £3000 professional
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  • Backup of Virtual +

    Technology: Backup of Virtual environments Environment: SME Examples: Veeam Install Cost: £4000 Licensing, £3000 Pro Services Running costs: £1000 \ year
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  • Backup to Cloud +

    Technology: Backup to cloud Environment: All Examples: Mozy, Assigra Install Cost: Professional services required to setup and install agents and
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