To win a couple of lovely bottles of Veuve Clicquot Champagne all you have to do is  fill in the form below with your idea for an interesting use of a web based configurator.


Examples of potential uses could be:

1. Creating Mobile phone packages and Monthly Tariffs

2. New car configuration of optional extras, paintwork and wheels

3. Configuring a build of a bespoke home PC



At BertramCanis we've been working with Joomla and ConfigBox to produce a web based configurator for our large IT Reseller client.

The Configurator provides selection rules, produces quotes, allows saving and recommending of configurations and produces  dynamic images in real time based on selections chosen.

This wide range of features got us talking about what other applications the product could be used for.

The winner of this competition will be based on 2 criteria

1. Most interesting use - Anything topical such as the Rugby World Cup is likely to be given extra weighting.

2. Commercial appeal - we will be looking at the size of the market and the level of competition in this market

Throughout the month we will be giving updates on social media as to how the competition is progressing.



1. As many entries per person as you like. There can be only 1 winning entry.

2. Due to the nature of the prize, entrants must be over 18 and receipt must be signed for by someone over the age of 18. 

3. Entries close September 30th. Winners will be notified Thursday 1st October by email and telephone, when we will collect their delivery information for the prize.

4. Prize - 2 Bottles of 75cl veuve clicquot yellow label

5. Recommend a friend - if their idea wins, you will also win a bottle of Champagne.

6. UK based entrants only.

7. The winner will be judged on the best answer to the question based on your knowledge of the subject.

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