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Emergency checklist for business continuity plan

Every organisation needs to give some attention to it's business continuity plan.  Focussing on the risks to the business and planning what to do in the event of a disaster in advance of an occurrence means that you can keep calm, control the situation and continue with trade in an effective capacity while the pre-determined activities are carried our to restore your business.   

BertramCanis can work with you re-establish a functioning business by:

  • Understanding and prioritising business functions.
  • Understanding potential risks.
  • Producing Standards Compliant Plans catering for a range of disaster scenarios.
  • Establish and test the processes to support business continuity.
  • Deliver technology and collateral to mitigate downtime risks and speed up the process of recovery
  • Being on-call in the event of an issue to add manpower and expertise.


Featured Service: Web Development

Web Development IconWe are able to offer the full compliment of services in and around web development.

As well as aspects such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Hosting, we realise that design can be a very emotive topic. We deliver in an iterative manner so at every stage you know how the finished product will look - while we worry about the functional aspects such as performance.