Understanding your requirements and finding the perfect solution to fit

Showing Data and Hosting


So you’ve got a new fancy app, a website or need a backup location for your data – you’ve taken a look at your current infrastructure and it might not be man enough for the job – we’ve got you covered with a range of solutions from bulking up your current on premise environment, to starting your journey to a datacentre.


Worried about monitoring and maintaining it all?  We can take care of that as well


Whether it’s data only, a backup location, or hosting for an application or website, we have a hosting solution to fit your needs.  We will help with setup and migration for all of these solutions, giving you a fully documented handover and ongoing maintenance and support as required.


Your own infrastructure – This may be a good choice if you have in house skills to maintain an environment, have already bought appropriate technology and have the power and space to work with.  We can analyse your existing environment for performance and risk, recommend any improvements and help you deliver them.  It may well be that you’re on older equipment and haven’t quite got around to virtualising your environment.  We can help with you own Private Cloud Setup using Virtual Technologies such as VMWare and Hyper-V, help with network configuration, Server and Storage provision and setup.


Co-Location – we have access to a variety of datacentres throughout the UK including Europe’s largest single site datacentre in Wales.  Secured to a variety of standards, with remote hands as required.  Our relationships mean we can get some great pricing from providers


Cloud Hosting – There are dozens of cloud hosting providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon web Services or Rackspace.  These companies offer very reliable and professionally supported services, however they tend to make some of their offerings fairly complicated to understand.  We can help you to demystify the service provided and understand what you’re paying for, how much it is and what service you’ll be getting.  In addition to that we can manage the entire project of moving to the cloud.


Flexible IT Management Services

IT ManagerWe are able to offer fully flexible IT Management services which can cover the following:

  • Technology Implementation
  • Strategy and Design
  • Technology Whitepapers
  • Onsite Support
  • Technology Management

Contact VITManager@BertramCanis.co.uk.