We feel pride when we deliver professional, well managed services tailored to your needs and help you move your business forwards

Fundamental to the ethos of our business is the ability to give you solutions to IT related issues,

we want to be your trusted advisor,

we want to be the company in your speed-dial who are there for a 5 minute chat to put you on the right road when you've got a "is it possible to..." thought,

we want to be the team you call in when you're struggling to get something delivered.

We're only going to live up to our aspirations if we're available to you and give you valuable, effective, cost sensitive advice and solutions on a broad range of technologies

At BertramCanis we are able to offer fully flexible IT Management services through our experience in the industry and through our wide network of expert partners, these aren't just companies with which we hold an accreditation, they are specialists in their field and standalone businesses in their own right with whom we have successfully worked before and have close relationships.

Our engagement with you could last 10 minutes or many years - whatever the length we hope we'll give you something that adds value to your business.

The typical conversations we're having are:

"Can you tell me what people are using to backup XYZ?"

Our Response: Here's an email with the state of the backup market at the moment and Gartner's research attached, but for your needs we'd recommend.......

"Can you make sure I'm patched and up to date?"

Our Response: Let's put in place a small contract where we log into your systems once a week out of hours and check that everything is patched and you're AV has updated and any new hardware patches are in place.

"I want a new website and a sales app for a product launch in 2 weeks time, can you help?"

Our Response: That's no problem, here's some examples we've done before, as we're tight on time we'll deliver something simple that meets your needs for the launch and plan a roadmap for future improvements.

"Is my business continuity plan fit for purpose, and do my backups really work?"

Our Response: Let's audit what you've got, work together on what your priorities for improvement are and put a managed project plan in place


If you need help call us or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. we're here to try to help you.


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Featured Service: Web Development

Web Development IconWe are able to offer the full compliment of services in and around web development.

As well as aspects such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Hosting, we realise that design can be a very emotive topic. We deliver in an iterative manner so at every stage you know how the finished product will look - while we worry about the functional aspects such as performance.